What Do We Ask?

  • Ashita Modi
  • India
  • Dec 07, 2012
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 A fake sweet mask we wear,

even with the rudest attitudes
we bear having a rich friend, 

a status symbol it marks...

Is that what we ask?

Its money all around

pockets full of pounds

showering from fancy cars...

Is that what we ask?

From toe tip to the eye brows

they aren’t coming to college 

but fashion shows,

for no bloody reason 

they have high raised nose,

to such people we die to get close...

Is that what we ask?

All those wild cats and rich brats

they never step on roads 

but hand woven mats

their pride and their bank balance are their dad’s,

around their waist we have our hands...

Is that what we ask?

What the hell is right or wrong?!

Money plays all the love songs

chaging faces like ‘the mask’...

Is that what we ask?

From dawn to dusk

it all revolves around lust

a broad chest and sexy bust

a nice face and hot ass is a must...

Is that what we ask?

Ashita Modi
Sector 7, Gurgaon



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