Ayurveda and Ambrosia

  • Bimal Mohanty
  • India
  • Dec 12, 2014

Ayurveda is now on everyone’s lips, phenomenally gaining acceptance as the therapy of life. ‘Keep disease and discomfort away through Ayurveda’ - even many diehard cynics have started looking it that way. When God gave us life, He gave it to us with a purpose; and He is wise enough to know that for the fulfillment of that purpose, the preservation of the body is also necessary. So, He also created this wonderful life-sustaining environment around us. Ayurveda evolved by understanding and faithfully following this support system. Does Ayurveda suggest any kind of Ambrosia for the life-long preservation of the body? The answer is a clear ‘No’. The body is never meant to outlive its usefulness. But there certainly exist built–in safeguards that provide protection against avoidable pain, misery, disease and discomfort – perhaps ambrosia in a limited sense. This form of ambrosia is known as ‘Godliness’. Godliness is the approach to life as it is meant to be lived, and must be well understood and practised continuously. At the physical level, Godliness, equated with Dharma, purifies the body against the onslaught of impurities. A purified body purifies the mind, and a pure mind ultimately reveals God’s purpose. If you are searching for ambrosia, then start searching for God. Forget the feud between ‘believing’ and ‘non-believing’. That is merely a game that pseudo-intellectuals love to play.



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